What makes a woman feel sexy? Is it what she’s wearing, the color of her hair, where she’s going? Yes, there is an outward physical component to being and feeling sexy. A great, backless dress and date heels certainly make me feel sexy. But there is more to it than that. Sexy emanates from the inside out. Sexy is confidence, joy, having a love for yourself and the person you are everyday. Sexy is believing in yourself.

Men are very attracted to a confident woman. They like doing things for a woman that they know she can do for herself. It is one way they express physically to other potentially interested males that you are with them, or at least that they have your attention. And they intend for it to stay that way. Men want to be your hero, even if you don’t need saving. Sure, I can open the door all by myself, seat myself at the table, or carry my own packages, but do I want to? Not if a man wants to do those things for me.

Men are physical beings. They are naturally more aggressive and stronger than women. And while I do love my high heels, nothing makes me feel sexier than a man’s undivided attention, regardless of who else is in the room.