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Do you play nice with your muse?

All writers experience writer’s block at some point. Several years ago, I swore my muse just up and ran away from home. It took most of that summer, but I got through it and began writing again. Lately for me, it’s not the lack of ideas or characters to write, it’s an over abundance of them that slows the process of focusing on my current work in progress.

So I’ve taken to amusing my Muse by allowing her to play among the story ideas and characters she has, instead of chastising her in an effort to get her attention back on the story I’m working to finish by the end of the summer. By doing this, we both get what we want. And I get to keep track of those new characters and scenes she shares for later.

I’ll admit, my Muse has some characters and story ideas I find most tempting, but a little indulgence in the evening as I watch the sunset from my deck is all either if us are allowed. For now.

So the next time your Muse is trying to get your attention, let her. Sometimes, we just need to indulge in a little amusement.