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Life gets in the way.

We’ve all heard it. We’ve all said it. But it should not be an excuse as to why we are not actively adding words to our stories at every chance. At least, not if you take yourself seriously as a writer.

While life does not allow me to write full-time, I do write consistently. Barring bouts of sickness and such, I write pretty much every day. I don’t get large chunks of time typically, not even on the weekends, so every day I can write is important. And the words really do add up.

I have writer friends who do write full-time and they are able to schedule large chunks of time to write almost every day. But even they have to slip in time for revisions, promotion, meetings with agents and editors.

Often when someone learns I’m a writer, they mention their own writing aspirations. After all, isn’t there another saying…we all have a book in us? Anyway, when I ask about their writing, the most common answer I get is “I’ll write one of these days, when life quits getting in the way.”

Well, life will always get in the way. If you dream of being a writer, then you have to write to make your dream come true. Give yourself credit, take yourself seriously… and write through life.