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If by those kinds of books you mean romance novels, my answer is…Yes.

If by those kinds of books you mean historical romance novels, I would say…Yes, I do.

If by those kinds of books you mean erotic historical romance novels, again, I would say…Yes. Yes, I do!

I love the books I write and the characters whose lives I get to create. I realize my books aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. I don’t expect them to be.

Many people think that historicals are hard to write. And some time periods can be more difficult than others I agree, but for me, having grown up in the deep, deep South, historical romance novels resonate with me far more than contemporary ones. Not only did I play as a child barefoot among ancient cyprus trees, long strands of wind-blown Spanish moss grasping to catch tendrils of my tangled hair and keep my imagination reeling until well past dark as I snuck peeks at pristine white-columned front porches, I learned that while I could be anything I wanted to be in life, men were expected to be men and women were expected to be women.

Now before anyone gets riled over such a statement, that is simply a fact of my childhood and the culture in which I was raised. And in many ways, that belief is still very much a part of that culture today. It is also the foundation which led me to write the kinds of books I write – shy heroines who find the strength to come into their own not by the grace of their hero, but in spite of his best efforts to protect her from herself.

So yes, I write those kinds of books.