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Several years ago, I received as a gift a small charm with the letters B.I.C.H.O.K. on one side, and the words they represent on the other, Butt In Chair, Hands On Keyboard. Words every serious writer must live by, especially when the words don’t want to come out and play. I keep this charm near my computer as a reminder that it is always easier to give up, than work harder.

Now, while it is not in my nature to give up, at least not easily, there have been times when I have contemplated setting the dream aside for a while.  And for the past several years, that is what I have done. Now I did not stop writing completely, I just did not focus on my writing with as much energy and drive as I had before. But I set my writing dreams aside only temporarily, and in lieu of making another dream happen. Now that I have the start of my second dream within reach, I have returned to writing with a love and appreciation for the way stories filled with wicked cravings and dangerous lust, calm my soul more than ever before.

The words still don’t always come easy, but the fantasies that run through my imagination in wake and in sleep have never given me a moment’s peace. So once again here I am with my But In Chair, Hands On Keyboard.