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What turns women on the most? Surveys reveal a deep, smooth voice. Think back to when celebrities were not made by reality television shows, they were movie stars in every sense of the concept. Men like Elvis, Rock Hudson, John Wayne. Women only had to close their eyes, and they felt protected and fought for.

Just as men respond to certain female features, the same holds true for women.

A large, broad chest signals he can not only go out and kill that saber tooth tiger, but he can carry it home to feed his children. The larger a man’s chest, the more respect and power he can usually command among women and other males.

Narrow hips and muscular legs signal power, endurance. He can run over long distances to chase and hunt, protect from enemies.

A small, tight butt signals more efficient sexual reproduction. Compact muscles in the male derriere provide for stronger thrusting motion needed for the successful transfer of genetic material.

Here are some common female gestures that tend to alert men to their willingness to be courted: 

Playing with hair

Licking lips, parting mouth, using teeth to tug at lower lip

Touching her thighs or neck (if he plays his cards right, he might get to do the same)

Fondling cylindrical objects, such as wine glasses and coffee cups, are sometimes an unconscious possible offer

Looking down or glancing sideways with a smile, both are acts of submission

Positioning the body to highlight the physical differences between men and women, such as curvy hips and cleavage

We often demonstrate possession in social situations where we feel threatened by others. Men tend to demonstrate to other men that a woman is with him and off-limits by placing his hand at her waist or her lower back. On the flip side, women demonstrate the same sentiment to other women by touching her man’s arm or chest.

Recognize the biological significance now?