We all have our favorite physical traits when it comes to the opposite sex. But attraction is…visceral, biological. It has a purpose anchored into our DNA over eons of time in order to better the chance of human survival.

Now women are, at the very least, unconsciously aware that men find larger breasts and rounder hips to be sexually attractive. That’s why we wear push-up bras, high heels, and low-cut jeans.

Why do most men gravitate to those particular areas of female real estate? It goes back to the caveman, it’s primal. In pre-historic times, women with adequate to larger breasts and curvy hips had a better ability to carry, bare, and feed a child, therefore, she increased the tribe’s chance of reproductive survival.

Now while this next bit is not politically correct, it is biologically correct.

Men will often say the first thing they notice about a woman is her eyes, or her smile, her confidence. But let’s face it, that’s not really what catches a man’s attention first. Second maybe…but not first. Not even in our modern, politically correct society. Biologically, men are initially attracted to three areas of a woman’s body: 

First – A woman’s backside, triggers a man’s brain into thinking she might possibly be sexually available to him. The rear is an area of fat reserves, an asset that lends to better success with keeping children alive in lean times.

Second – Breasts are also mostly fat as well, and of course, produce milk for feeding those baby Neanderthals the tribe needs to survive. Breasts serve as an overt sexual signal, more cleavage, more readiness.

Third – The legs can signal to a man that a woman is potentially of sexual age. When a female reaches puberty, her legs undergo rapid lengthening, telling men she may now be capable of childbearing.

The language of lust involves many varied nuances. Attraction is but one small fragment that often begins the conversation.