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Whether we realize it or not, our best bet in gaining the upper hand in any situation is an adept ability to read body language. Reading someone’s body language is usually far more reliable than believing the words that come out of their mouth.

While some gestures are specifically cultural, most movements occur together with a great deal of predictability. The caveat? You must pay attention to the circumstances and the surroundings as a whole, not just focus on the individual.

One way a man perceives – often unknowingly – whether a woman is ‘interested’ in him, is by looking into her eyes. Why? Well, receptiveness – be it for conversation, a kiss, or possibly something much more delicious to come after dinner – can be determined by pupil dilation. The larger the pupils, the more receptive she is to him. If you look carefully at print ads and television ads, more often than not, you’ll see actresses have been photographed or filmed under conditions that cause the pupils to be dilated. But, keep in mind, if your characters are in uncomfortable environmental conditions, such as the freezing cold for any length of time, the pupils are more likely to contract into pinpoints, and may not truly reflect that she’s interested.

Women are typically considered the more perceptive gender. We are often called ‘intuitive’. But this intuition is just an unrecognized ability to read body language.

The most memorable of heroes and heroines are the ones that don’t fit into the stereotypical category of gender behavior. The most Alpha of males are the ones who can read any situation (especially a female situation) and work it to his favor. On the other hand, a woman who breaks gender behavior and uses wit and logic to tackle a situation will be the one to capture a man’s attention.

Lust is chemical. It’s white-hot. Incendiary. Lust is what makes the butterflies in your stomach do somersaults. So if you want to learn to recognize the signs…stay tuned.