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One of the topics I get asked about the most as a romance writer and social psychologist is body language. Specifically – attraction.

Attraction can be as simple as looking forward to the company of someone you know, or a pure, white-hot chemical heat that, good or bad for you, burns your soul, leaving a mark to last lifetimes.

Now men are often rather obvious when it comes to attraction. Ladies, we’ve all experienced it…the guy who can’t take his eyes off you as you pass by him on the sidewalk, then turns his head to watch as you keep walking away. The man across the coffee shop who spills his drink because his focus is on you, not what he’s doing.

And my favorite, the wink and smile as he hurries to open a door for you.

Men don’t fall in love the way women do, emotion swirling round like leaves in an autumn windstorm, flying every which way. For men, love pretty much runs up one day and bites them where the sun don’t shine. A man is more likely to show his woman he loves her long before he tells her.

Or even knows himself.

But ladies, if we are very, very lucky, we get the kind of attraction I write about, the gut wrenching reaction that turns bad boys and wounded souls into protective men, just for her, just for the chance to see her face, her smile.

For love.

Now whether she can read the signs…that’s another story.