As I admitted in my last post, I take great pleasure in the slight shock people always get when they find out I write romance, then rock back on their heels when they learn it is erotic romance. But my husband is not the only one who will tell people what I do, or dig out and proudly show off my cover flat. Often times, friends and family blurt out that particular tidbit about my life when they introduce me to someone new.

Now, I am so very fortunate to have family and friends who are supportive of what I write. And when my book came out, many were more than eager to read it. Not surprising. I’m always anxious to read a new release from one of my author friends. What I found so unusual about the requests for my release date, is how many of them came from our male friends.

Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking, I thought the same thing. Mine, are stories written to appeal to women, I couldn’t imagine our male friends wanting to read my book. And yes, these friends regularly asked my husband when my book would be out in the year between selling and the book hitting the store shelves. Though on the flip side, they probably couldn’t imagine their friend’s wife writing such a book.

While I didn’t doubt that they truly intended to read my book, even genuinely wanted to, I found it surprising at how many couldn’t get passed the first chapter. But it was the girlfriends and wives of these men who took great pleasure in sharing that tidbit with me.