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In the decade since I began writing with professional intent, the market for erotic romance has exploded from obscurity to ebooks to big print publishing houses. Even my first book pushed far beyond the sexual parameters of the stories that were being published at the time. I find myself still pushing the limits of what is considered this “new” mainstream, where more often than not, the bedroom door is not just open, it’s off the hinges, inviting the reader inside to explore through vivid scenes and graphic detail the growing relationship between the hero and his heroine.

In a sense, the change in mainstream has opened up new writing territories, and many, many writers like myself are more than willing to go there to explore and map these tempting new boundaries, stretching the limits of our creativity.

Though the writer in me is a tried and true introvert, living happily, if temporarily within the stories I create, I do take more than a little pleasure at the shocked look on people’s faces when they find out what I do. From my husband.

But regardless of the shifting, blurring lines between mainstream and erotic romances, I will continue to let my characters test my limits and my imagination, as they explore harbored, secret desires, because just like some, I have to write it HOT…