The Crazy Life

We all have it happen. Life gets in the way…there’s only so much time in the day…too many irons in the fire…

That has been the story of my life for the last 18 months, hence the hiatus from writing in all forms, novellas, books, this blog. But now that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, I will soon be able to resume writing and will likely publish again in the Autumn. I can’t wait! Being away from my stories and characters has been more than a little difficult.

I will say that this hiatus has not been a bad thing…I have traveled and taken on new challenges. And most of all, I would not have missed this opportunity to accomplish a goal I’ve had for many years. It has been tough, exhausting, and exhilarating!

So thanks for your patience!


Love It or Hate It



Recently I was asked what I thought about the reviews of my book. My response? I think they’re great!

Even the not so nice ones? Absolutely! Because love it or hate it, I struck a chord with the reader. In my world, that beats mediocre any day and everyday.

Sexy Is As Sexy Does

What makes a woman feel sexy? Is it what she’s wearing, the color of her hair, where she’s going? Yes, there is an outward physical component to being and feeling sexy. A great, backless dress and date heels certainly make me feel sexy. But there is more to it than that. Sexy emanates from the inside out. Sexy is confidence, joy, having a love for yourself and the person you are everyday. Sexy is believing in yourself.

Men are very attracted to a confident woman. They like doing things for a woman that they know she can do for herself. It is one way they express physically to other potentially interested males that you are with them, or at least that they have your attention. And they intend for it to stay that way. Men want to be your hero, even if you don’t need saving. Sure, I can open the door all by myself, seat myself at the table, or carry my own packages, but do I want to? Not if a man wants to do those things for me.

Men are physical beings. They are naturally more aggressive and stronger than women. And while I do love my high heels, nothing makes me feel sexier than a man’s undivided attention, regardless of who else is in the room.

Amusing the Muse


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Do you play nice with your muse?

All writers experience writer’s block at some point. Several years ago, I swore my muse just up and ran away from home. It took most of that summer, but I got through it and began writing again. Lately for me, it’s not the lack of ideas or characters to write, it’s an over abundance of them that slows the process of focusing on my current work in progress.

So I’ve taken to amusing my Muse by allowing her to play among the story ideas and characters she has, instead of chastising her in an effort to get her attention back on the story I’m working to finish by the end of the summer. By doing this, we both get what we want. And I get to keep track of those new characters and scenes she shares for later.

I’ll admit, my Muse has some characters and story ideas I find most tempting, but a little indulgence in the evening as I watch the sunset from my deck is all either if us are allowed. For now.

So the next time your Muse is trying to get your attention, let her. Sometimes, we just need to indulge in a little amusement.


Writing Through Life


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Life gets in the way.

We’ve all heard it. We’ve all said it. But it should not be an excuse as to why we are not actively adding words to our stories at every chance. At least, not if you take yourself seriously as a writer.

While life does not allow me to write full-time, I do write consistently. Barring bouts of sickness and such, I write pretty much every day. I don’t get large chunks of time typically, not even on the weekends, so every day I can write is important. And the words really do add up.

I have writer friends who do write full-time and they are able to schedule large chunks of time to write almost every day. But even they have to slip in time for revisions, promotion, meetings with agents and editors.

Often when someone learns I’m a writer, they mention their own writing aspirations. After all, isn’t there another saying…we all have a book in us? Anyway, when I ask about their writing, the most common answer I get is “I’ll write one of these days, when life quits getting in the way.”

Well, life will always get in the way. If you dream of being a writer, then you have to write to make your dream come true. Give yourself credit, take yourself seriously… and write through life.

You Write Those Kinds of Books?!


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If by those kinds of books you mean romance novels, my answer is…Yes.

If by those kinds of books you mean historical romance novels, I would say…Yes, I do.

If by those kinds of books you mean erotic historical romance novels, again, I would say…Yes. Yes, I do!

I love the books I write and the characters whose lives I get to create. I realize my books aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. I don’t expect them to be.

Many people think that historicals are hard to write. And some time periods can be more difficult than others I agree, but for me, having grown up in the deep, deep South, historical romance novels resonate with me far more than contemporary ones. Not only did I play as a child barefoot among ancient cyprus trees, long strands of wind-blown Spanish moss grasping to catch tendrils of my tangled hair and keep my imagination reeling until well past dark as I snuck peeks at pristine white-columned front porches, I learned that while I could be anything I wanted to be in life, men were expected to be men and women were expected to be women.

Now before anyone gets riled over such a statement, that is simply a fact of my childhood and the culture in which I was raised. And in many ways, that belief is still very much a part of that culture today. It is also the foundation which led me to write the kinds of books I write – shy heroines who find the strength to come into their own not by the grace of their hero, but in spite of his best efforts to protect her from herself.

So yes, I write those kinds of books.


Once in a Great While


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Writers tend to lead introverted lives. At least, I do. But once in a great while, life comes along and turns my shy, withdrawn approach to people and opportunities sideways.

I relish those rare, exquisite days…and the bravery I dig deep to find in order to live in those moments with as little trepidation as I can manage.

I look forward to the day when I can live those rare moments out loud, at least, once in a great while.

My Fantasies


Fantasies are a large part of my life as a writer. Whether doing the dishes, watching a spectacular sunset, or sitting down at my computer and pouring words onto the screen. Inside the fantasy of my stories is where my creative muse comes out to play. 

And where I get to have a great deal of fun.

My favorite way to spend a lazy afternoon alone is to weave a tale filled with indulgences, secrets and naughty encounters, places where my muse can laugh, cry, love or run wild through an ancient wood.

Fiction is all about the fantasy…



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Several years ago, I received as a gift a small charm with the letters B.I.C.H.O.K. on one side, and the words they represent on the other, Butt In Chair, Hands On Keyboard. Words every serious writer must live by, especially when the words don’t want to come out and play. I keep this charm near my computer as a reminder that it is always easier to give up, than work harder.

Now, while it is not in my nature to give up, at least not easily, there have been times when I have contemplated setting the dream aside for a while.  And for the past several years, that is what I have done. Now I did not stop writing completely, I just did not focus on my writing with as much energy and drive as I had before. But I set my writing dreams aside only temporarily, and in lieu of making another dream happen. Now that I have the start of my second dream within reach, I have returned to writing with a love and appreciation for the way stories filled with wicked cravings and dangerous lust, calm my soul more than ever before.

The words still don’t always come easy, but the fantasies that run through my imagination in wake and in sleep have never given me a moment’s peace. So once again here I am with my But In Chair, Hands On Keyboard.

A Tease



…From behind, a twig snapped. Sarah’s breath came short, her heartbeat racing. She looked around, but the moon hung full, casting shadows that only darkened the woods. Was he there? Did he watch…this man who had been charged by her father to guard her?

A warm breeze ruffled the surface of the pond, sending a shiver of anticipation across her skin. Only here did she have freedom. Only here did peace battle her fears. Sarah slipped the thin straps of the nightdress off her shoulders, letting the sheer garment fall to the ground as she stepped closer to the water. No matter, let him guard her virtue. She would not suffer for modesty’s sake…

Just inside the curtained of darkness of the trees the sole of a heavy boot sunk into the forest floor as a dagger slipped from it’s sheath…

No, I am not going to start publishing my stories online, but I thought it would be fun to create a few lines to tease your imagination. Now my writer’s brain has already run off a dozen or so scenarios of what might happen next to this vulnerable heroine. Is this man her protector? A captor? Is she really that bold, or just fooling herself?

Well, naked is always a good way to find out…